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Catering Menu

Whether you are having an intimate dinner party or a large family wedding. We cater to every event big or small. We love hearing how you want to bring that special touch to your day.

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Roast Turkey Meal

Mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetable, 2 salads, dinner buns, gravy choice of dessert


Roast Beef Meal

Mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetable, 2 salads, dinner buns choice of dessert


Fried or BBQ Chicken & Ribs

Roasted potatoes, fried rice, vegetable, 2 salads choice of dessert


Ham Meal

Scalloped potatoes, vegetable, 2 salads, perogies, dinner buns choice of dessert


Lasagna Meal

Salad, garlic bread, veggie tray choice of dessert


Chili Meal

Buns, salad, veggie tray choice of dessert


Ukrainian Meal

Sausage, perogies, cabbage rolls, buns, coleslaw, choice of dessert


BBQ Beef or Pulled Pork Meal

Buns, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad choice of dessert


Salad Choices







Yummy Deserts

Mini Cheese Cake

Dainty Tray

Apple Crisp

Cookie Tray

If you have a salad or dessert that is not on the list let us know and we will  make it.

We cater to all events. Big or small.

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Cost per person

Cabbage Rolls


Perogies (4)


A second meat:




Baked Beans


Cauliflower Casserole


Mashed Potato Casserole


Side Trays

Cost per person

Meat Tray


Cheese Tray


Fruit Tray


Veggie Tray


Dainty Tray


Dainty Tray


Cookie Tray


We do cakes of all shape and size.



Please Note: Catering Fees

Glass plate, silverware, napkins $3.50 per person
Paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins $2.75 per person

20% service charge
All prices are per person and do not include GST & PST

20% deposit required at time of booking
Payment due immediately following service

Gratuity at your discretion